Beyond The Unnamed Bay

Raising Holy Sparks – Beyond The Unnamed Bay

1. Hallelujah 01:58
2. Here Begins Our Lasting Joy 03:42
3. The Depths Of Bailey Point 19:33
4. Beyond Blake’s Hill 01:07
5. Diamonds In The Water Where You Swam 03:09
6. As Far As We Can Go 03:56
7. The Road From Knocknacarra 04:14
8. Along The Sea’s Drumming 07:52
9. There Can Be No Loneliness In Our Singing 03:57
10. Hallelujah 01:17

Released in November 2011 on cassette by Fort Evil Fruit as FEF1.

Available as a free download

David Colohan – 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, Appalachian dulcimer, autoharp, bugle, Casio CA-110, electric guitar, electronic shruti box, field recordings, harmonium, Hohner Organetta, Mandobird, mandocello, piano, tapes, voice. Samples: ARP Odyssey, EMU Modulator, EMS Synthi 100, Fairlight, Glass Armonica, Mellotron, Ondes Martenot, Synclavier & Univox Rhythmer.
Vicky Langan – RCA Theremin, voice.
Declan Q Kelly – chord organ, field recordings, horn, pipe.


Richard Moult – voice (II, VI)
Paul Condon – Monotron (IV, VIII, IX)
Kevin Kennedy – Qualpex 3/4″ barrier pipe (III, VIII)
Stefan Neville – acoustic guitar (I)
Aaron Coyne – ukelin (IV)
Audrey Ryan – voice (III)

Recorded in Ballymahon, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Minneapolis & Star Hill.

For Steve Harris


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