Lights Beneath The Lake

Agitated Radio Pilot – Lights Beneath The Lake/Nothing Is Truly Lost

Lights Beneath The Lake
1-1 I
1-2 II

Nothing Is Truly Lost
2-1 The Road To Mutton Island
2-2 Thousand Year Stare
2-3 Hand Me The Bottles Empty
2-4 The Stonewater Telescope
2-5 Take Everything
2-6 Hope: Loss Defines Us
2-7 On Fastnet Rock
2-8 Brought To Life And Back Again
2-9 Innumerable Night
2-10 On Montauk Point
2-11 Meteors Over Mundi Mundi
2-12 Moored On The Darling

Released in an ediion of 100 on one 3″ cd-r and one 5″ cd-r by Evening Of Light as EOL03.

Dedicated to James Rider.

All tracks are previously unreleased except 2-6, which first appeared on Orange Gold; 2-9, which first appeared on Gold Leaf Branches; and 2-10 which first appeared on Red Bridge.

On Lights Beneath The Lake
Brian Conniffe, Gavin Prior, Richard Moult, David Colohan

On Nothing Is Truly Lost
Aaron Coyne, Aaron Hurley, Annemarie Deacy, Caroline Coffey, Enda Trautt, Gavin Prior, Jani Hellén, John Cavanagh, Keith Wallace, Scott McLaughlin, Shane Cullinane, Vicky Langan, David Colohan


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