Long Dead Now, Tom Forrest

curiositiesRichard Moult – Long Dead Now, Tom Forrest

1.Martyrs 0:57
2.Lord Of Time And Place 7:20
3.Et In Arcadia Est 1:56
4.The Worthings 3:16
5.Like A Poppy On A Tower 1:14
6.Snowdrop Time 1:15
7.Time, Only Time (instrumental) 4:21
8.Noctua 2:23
9.Symphonic Study (1st Movement) 8:12
10.Symphonic Study (2nd Movement) 10:25
11.Spitfire (instrumental) 2:50
12.The Realms 1:49

Curiosities 1994 – 2010. Released on 19 September 2013 as Ljóðhús 004. Available as a free download.

. Richard Moult – piano, keyboards, voice

Martyrs: The first of two early piano pieces, composed and recorded onto cassette tape in York, England 1994. Mixed with additional Gaelic psalm singing and burning wood at Tor Aluinn, Wester Ross, Scotland in the Summer of 2010. Released as part of the Second Language compilation ‘Minute Papillion’ in 2011.

Lord Of Time And Place: An alternative massed string arrangement of Celestial King For A Year Part One, with additional ambience recorded in St Clement’s Church, Isle Of Harris. Mixed at Tor Aluinn in 2010 and Black Rabbit Lodge, Western Isles, Autumn 2013. John Cheshire Joiner – violin, Isobel Found – violin, Henry Pye – viola, Ben Sansom – violin, Alexandria Lawrence – viola

Et In Arcadia Est: A duet for soprano and mezzo-soprano. Composed beneath Hollow Ash, Shropshire, England, 2006. and recorded in concert during the Elgar Festival at Sterts Theatre, Cornwall, England in 2007. Words by David Tibet. Kate Hopkins – soprano, Jessica Walker – mezzo-soprano, Eileen Pearce Davies – piano
The Worthings: Solo piano piece composed in the Kemp Valley, Shropshire in 2000. ‘The Worthings’ is a field by the River Kemp. Mixed at Black Rabbit Lodge, Autumn 2013.

Like A Poppy On A Tower: My favourite recorded live version of this song. Composed at Skelton’s Bank, Clun Forest, Shropshire in 2003 and recorded on minidisc during a concert at beautiful Harborough Bank, Worcestershire, England in 2004. Words by Mary Webb. James Taylor – piano, Kathy Taylor-Jones – mezzo-soprano

Snowdrop Time: A song for mezzo-soprano, with words by Mary Webb. Composed beneath Hollow Ash, 2005, and poorly recorded on minidisc during a concert at the Festival du Chantier Musical, Paris, France, in the Summer of 2006. Kathy Taylor-Jones – mezzo-soprano

Time, Only Time: An instrumental version of my arrangement of Michael Cashmore’s music, recorded at the Lion Ballroom, Herefordshire, Summer 2005. Mixed by myself and Colin Potter at The Water Tower, Preston, England, Summer 2005. Martin Perkins – piano, Duncan Druce – violin, Kate Skelton – violin, Lucy Kempton – viola, Warwick Cole – cello, Andrew Moore – double bass, Ben Sansom – violin, Alexandria Lawrence – viola

Noctua: Spoken word and piano, recorded by Michael Lawrence in St Leonards Parish Church, East Sussex, England, February 2009. Originally released 26/i/2010 on the compilation album ‘With Friends Like These’.

Symphonic Study 1st & 2nd Movements: Composed in the Kemp Valley, 2000 – 2001. Whilst the manuscripts gather dust, I thought it better that these pieces be heard in MIDI form than not heard at all. The first movement attempts to describe an area called The Beacon near the village of Beguildy in Powys. Mixed with additional keyboard at Black Rabbit Lodge, Autumn 2013.

Spitfire (instrumental): My favourite song from the Orchestra Noir album. Whilst the song itself is lovely, the instrumental version particularly resonates with me, recalling my feelings for the English rural landscape which inspired it. Composed and recorded beneath Hollow Ash, Shropshire 2007, with additional oboe and cor anglais lines composed by Mark Baigent. Remixed at Black Rabbit Lodge, Autumn 2013. Mark Baigent – oboe, cor anglais, Ben Sansom – violin, Alexandria Lawrence – viola

The Realms: The second early piano work, composed and recorded onto cassette in York in 1994. The piece describes a field near the village of Murton, North Yorkshire, and is dedicated to the memory of S.S.C. Mixed at Black Rabbit Lodge, Autumn 2013.


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