Raising Holy Sparks – A Mendicant Hymnal

DW040_Raising-Holy-Sparks_cover-webRaising Holy Sparks – A Mendicant Hymnal

1. A Stretch Of Haunted Road
2. Rio De Las Animas Perdidas
3. Within The Painted Desert
4. Meteors Over The Mesa
5. Bright Angel Trail
6. At The Confluence Of The Potomac & Shenandoah

1. Plains of Kansas
2. We Will Rest Forever In The Fields Of The Lord
3. Shadow City, Missouri
4. Monachus Mortuae Religionis
5. The Credo Of Dissolving
6. There Is Evil In His Machinery
7. Perenne Lumen In Templo Aeterni

David Colohan – Autoharp, Electric Guitar, Harmonium, Shruti Box, Roland HP-600 Digital Piano, Drums, Field Recordings, Sampled Birotron & Mellotron
Richard Moult – Keyboards (1:3, 2:3-2:7)
Declan Kelly – Echo Harp (1:1-1:3, 2:5, 2:6), Casio Keyboard (1:2), Chord Organ (1:2), Leaves Of Grass (1:5)
Casey Denman – Electric Guitar (1:1-1:4, 2:1, 2:2, 2:5, 2:6)
Michael Tanner – Electric Guitar (1:4, 2:2)

Recorded in Ballymahon, The Quiraing, Knocknacarra, Salthill, Eastbourne & Parkstone.

Released in October 2013 on double cd by Deep Water as DW040


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