Reynardine: The Visits of Mister Fox

Reynardine: The Visits of Mister Fox

1. Reynardine’s Dance – Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
2. Prelati’s Grimoire: The Book of Werewolves – Fulcanelli
3. Child Destruction – Violence Beyond the Snowline
4. Smile Like a Knife – Remora
5. In Reynard’s Garden – Far Black Furlong
6. Memory Rides Like A Fox – throuRoof
7. The Slaying of Cuwaert – Where Rivers End
8. Mellow Harm – Lanterns
9. Hulijing Shadow Theater – Medroxy Progesterone Acetate
10. Château-Château – él-g
11. In Reynard’s House – Far Black Furlong
12. Howl – The Day of the Antler
13. R & F: Soplo Animador – Anla Courtis
14. Wide Dark Smile – Mike Seed

Released on cd-r by Larkfallin April 2007 as LACR009.

Available to purchase in full here

Far Black Furlong’s tracks can be streamed here


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