With Friends Like These…….

With Friends Like These……. 

Tony Wakeford – Night Forever
Autumn Grieve – Alight
Albireon – Cerbastri
Mercy Liao – Imaginary Friend
Gargamella – Danza Rossa
Human Greed – Fortress Longing III: British Museum
Cutty Sark – Long Day
:Golgatha: – Fertility VI
Richard Moult – Noctua
Andrew King & Brown Sierra – The Good Luck Ship [Stolen Version]
The Hare & The Moon – Semewater
Susan Matthews – Time Will Leave Me Behind
Rose Rovine E Amanti – Noi Ritorneremo
Shining Vril – “Are We There Yet??” (Yearnings And Burnings)
Vultures – Night Gaunt
Sonver – Ebusus (Short Version)
Tor Lundvall – The Shipyard In Winter / Safety In Grey
Eva Eden – Breathing In And Out
Pilori – Les Trompetes De La Morts
Hekate – Idelia

Man Eat Man Eat Man – The Stomach
Andrew King – Sie Mea Fata Canendo Solor
Sieben – Sacrifice Content (Krypta Remix)
Christy & Emily – Superstition
Alex Monk – Neutrino
Arcana – As Night Turns To Day
Heidika – Limn
(r) – Four Minutes Sabbath
Gregorio Bardini – Pico
Hide & Seek – Our Brothers
Naevus – Soil And Soil Alike
Vega – All These Ladies
Seventh Harmonic – Ice Inferno
Art Immunda – St. Matthew’s Day
Amber Asylum – Mourn With Me Awhile
Hong Kong In The 60s – Gingerbread Crumbs
While Angels Watch – The Warmth Of Being (Redroom Mix)
Guy Harries – Lullaby
That Summer – Passé L’hier
Orchestra Noir – Bedlam

Released on cd as TURSA100 by Tursa/Kaparte Promotions on 26 January 2010


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