World Winding Down

Agitated Radio Pilot – World Winding Down

I.I A Darkness Made Of Beating Wings
I.II All That Fall
I.III Everybody Lives (Just This Once)
I.IV Caroline Sings
I.V For Medb
I.VI World Winding Down
I.VII The Gathering Dark
I.VIII You Were Always In My Arms Forever
I.IX The Life You’ll Leave Behind
I.X Mt Argus To Mt Jerome
I.XI People Start Over
I.XII Leave The City On Foot

II.I On Cape Clear
II.II Around Closing Time
II.III An Ear To The River
II.IV Take Heed Of Your Hurt
II.V The Lamplit Wood
II.VI Another Day
II.VII Along The Trails Of Midnight Deer
II.VIII Botanic Avenue
II.IX The Awakening Clay
II.X Earthfasts
II.XI Shorelines Clad In Snow
II.XII Everything Ends

Released in November 2007 on double cd by Deadslackstrink as Truenote 10. Available to buy here and as a free download

David Colohan – Voice, acoustic, electric & bass guitars, accordion, mandocello, melodica
Gavin Prior – Frostwave Resonator, Moroccan And Irish Field Recordings, percussion, piano, Circuit Bent Walkie Talkies, drones
Anners Gjerde – Norwegian Field Recordings
Maja Elliott – Keyboards, voice
Aaron Hurley – Voice, electric guitar, bass guitar
Autumn Grieve – Voice
Alison O’Donnell – Voice
Vicky Langan – Violin, voice
Richard Moult – Piano
Shane Cullinane – Bass, chord organ, accordion, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Paul Condon – Casio Sk1
Brian Conniffe – Green Blur & Blue Smoke
Annemarie Deacy – Accordion, voice
Aaron Coyne – Electric guitar
Keith Wallace – Spectral guitar pedalsmoke
Larissa Pychlau – Voice
James Rider – Banjo-mandolin, electric guitar
John Cavanagh – Clarinet, voice
Caroline Coffey – Voice
Antony Milton – New Zealand Field Recordings
Richard Skelton – Concertina, guitar, violin
Sharron Kraus – Voice

Recorded and mixed between February 2005 & August 2007 in Ballymahon, Mullingar, Galway, Dublin, Corrigeenroe & The Welsh Hills by David Colohan, Shane Cullinane, Aaron Hurley, Richard Moult, Gavin Prior & Keith Wallace.
Additional recording & mixing in Glasgow, Freiburg, Dublin & Standish, England, by John Cavanagh, Larissa Pychlau, Geoffrey Perrin & Richard Skelton.


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